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Wilder Pageant

Frequently asked questions

Where is Walnut Grove?
Walnut Grove is located in southwest Minnesota on Highway 14,
the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway.  We are about 150 miles
from Minneapolis - St. Paul, and 100 miles from Sioux Falls, SD.

Where is the Wilder Pageant Site?
The Pageant Site is located one mile west and 1/2 mile south of
Walnut Grove, 11505 Crown Avenue.  See Walnut Grove map.

Where is the nearest motel?
Please refer to our Lodging page for a list of motels in the area.

Is there camping nearby?
Yes.  Plum Creek Park is located 1/2 mile south of the Wilder Pageant
site.  For a list of other campgrounds in the area please refer
to our Camping page.

How long does the Pageant last?
The Pageant starts at 9:00 pm and finishes about 11:00 pm.

Why does it start so late at night?
Because of the lighting and special effects that we use.  They are
much more effective at night.

Do we need to get tickets in advance?
We recommend purchasing tickets in advance, to get the best seating
available.  We have both Reserved Seating and General Admission

What's the difference between Reserved Seating and General Admission?
Reserved Seating consists of 1000 numbered chairs that are directly in front
of the stage.  General Admission is the hillside area surrounding the Reserved Seats.
Bring your own chair or blanket for General Admission.

How do we order tickets?
Tickets may be ordered by phone at 888-859-3102, or online. 
There is a handling charge of $2.00 per order.

What time do we need to be there?
If you have Reserved Seats, you can arrive any time between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.
The seats are numbered, and the ushers will show you to your chairs.
General Admission is first come first served, so it would be to your advantage
to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 pm, to get the best spot on the hill.

Is there a special price for children?
Ages 5 and under are free in General Admission.  Reserved Seats are $16.00
per chair for all ages unless a small child sits on your lap.

What if it rains?
Refunds are available if Act One is not completed.  You may return your tickets
for a refund, or exchange them for a ticket of equal value on a later date.  We make
every effort to complete the show, and we ask that the audience prepare for all kinds
of weather.  There have been only three rainouts since the Pageant started in 1978.

Are the Reserved Seats Handicapped Accessible?
Yes.  There is a sidewalk that leads from the Pageant entrance to the front row
of Reserved Seating.  We reserve an area in the Yellow Section for
Handicapped seating.

Do you provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service?
Yes, on the Friday night of the Second Weekend of the Pageant we provide
an ASL Interpreter. Seating is in the Yellow Section for Special Needs seating.
We do ask that you order your tickets before the July 1, 2015 deadline.