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Walnut Grove Foundation

     The Walnut Grove Foundation's goal is to establish a $500,000 permanent fund. Each year earned interest from this trust will be reinvested into our community through a yearly grant application process.  The Walnut Grove Foundation Board each year determines to whom the interest is granted.  The organizations are to be of 501(c)3 status.  So as the base grows, additional monies through the grant system can be awarded.  Grants have been awarded for restoration, enhancing parks, creating new events, signage, medical, and more.



 Walnut Grove Family Festival $1000.00
2015  Country View $  300.00
2015  Walnut Grove Ambulance $3800.00
2015  Walnut Grove Fire Department $1100.00
2015  WWG Elementary $  500.00
2015  WWG 1st and 6th Grade $1035.00
2015  Micawber Club $  250.00
2015  Walnut Grove Loggers $1500.00
2015  City of Walnut Grove $  400.00
2015  Walnut Grove Scholarships (2000 each) $4000.00

                   Benefits to you, the donor

     The Walnut Grove Foundation can provide four benefits to donors:
1. Community Commitment.  A donation to the foundation can enhance ties with the people
and traditions of our area.
2. Security.  The Walnut Grove Foundation operates under the guidance of Minnesota Foundation.
Walnut Grove's association with this well-established foundation assures sound management of
funds it receives from individuals, families, businesses, organizations, and other foundations.
3. Longevity.  A fund can be established with the assurance that the proceeds will benefit the
community beyond the donor's lifetime.
4. Tax Benefits.  Since the Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity, all donations are tax
deductible to the full extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.

     No gift is too large or too small.  You, the donor, determine whether your name or identity
is forever attached to the gift or whether you choose to remain anonymous.  For a brochure
and more information contact:

Walnut Grove Foundation
PO Box 547
Walnut Grove, MN  56180