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Quilting & Crafts

Quilting with Laura
This book is a collection of blocks, which the author, Linda Halpin has joined into a sampler quilt that were inspired by the Little House books. Everything from what tools you need to how to make templates is included in this hand-piecing guide book. Each of the 14 patterns is accompanied by what links them to the Little House stories. It is the perfect companion to the Little House series, and a way to pass your love of quilting on to the next generation.
Laura in Redwork Pattern
Two color 42" x 42" wall hanging or small quilt. This design, leaves spaces for fancy stitching or quilting. This is a variation of the quilt that was owned by Laura & Rose, and is now on display in the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, MN.
My Little House Craft Book
18 projects from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Stories. Examples include Mary's Beaded Lamp, Laura's Golden Wheat-Sheaf Bread, Corn Cob Doll.
American Needlework by Woman's Day USED
A comprehensive history, from colonial times to the present (1963). 140 full-color illustrations and 50 black-and-white drawings, plus step-by-step instructions for every type of traditional American Needlework with hundreds of graphs, diagrams, and charts. Written by Rose Wilder Lane.
Irish Chain Quilts
Timesaving way to cut and piece together the Irish Chain quilts quickly. Ten full size quilting patterns for "plain blocks" are included along with easy to follow instructions for attractive Single, Double and Triple chain quilts.
Quilt Square Ornament
Cloth Ornament approximately 3x3 inches.
Flower Ornament
Cloth Ornament approximately 3x3 inches.