ADA Policy

Wilder Pageant ADA Policy


ASL SERVICE: American Sign Language Interpreters are available for selected performances.  Check website for selected performance dates.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions and souvenir stands are accessible.

PARKING and SITE ACCESS: Handicap parking is provided for those with appropriate vehicle identification indicating need for handicap parking.

RESTROOMS:  ADA compliant restroom facilities are available on site.

SEATING:  People with mobility disabilities who require accessible seating because of their disability are permitted to purchase tickets for accessible seats. People with disabilities who do not require the specific features of accessible seating but merely have a preference for them are not entitled to purchase accessible seats. A companion seat will be provided next to each wheelchair seating location. The companion seat is a conventional seat that accommodates a friend or companion. 

TICKET SALES: Tickets for accessible seats are sold at the same price and during the same hours and through the same methods of purchase as non-accessible seats. Proof of disability as a condition for purchasing tickets for accessible seats is not required however the Wilder Pageant Committee may take steps to prevent the fraudulent sale and use of accessible seating to insure that it is available for those who need such seating.

SIGNAGE: Signs that identify rest rooms or exits have Braille and raised letters or numbers so that they may be read visually or tactually.

STAFF TRAINING: All volunteer workers will receive information about ADA Compliance.  Supervisors will participate in a yearly review of policy and how to implement it for the safety and comfort of staff, volunteers and customers.