Reverend Moses

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Reverend Moses

In the script being developed ” Letters To Rose” by Mark Rosenwinkel there is a new Reverend for the Congregational Church, Reverend Moses. Before him in our production of “Fragments of a Dream” was Reverend Alden.

Found in the Library Of Congress historical newspapers from the Redwood gazette a couple articles about Reverend Moses and the Congregational Church.

Although I could not find when he started I did find when he left the congregation.

The read-through of “Letters to Rose” is still playing on our Walnut Grove Laura Ingalls Wilder Facebook page.

Pictured right is and a photo of Reverend Moses courtesy of the Walnut Grove Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

News Article from July 19, 1877 in the Redwood Gazette

News Article from October 30, 1879 in the Redwood Gazette

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